CausePlay Launches Patented Mobile Coupons To Fight Fraud

"We are able to not only protect our CPG and grocery partners from fraud, but we are also helping the consumer engage in the next generation of coupon “clipping” and “socializing”...

September 25, 2013. Los Angeles, CA. Mobile agency, CausePlay, has partnered with software company Vendto to create, market and sell digital products that utilize their patents that protect against coupon fraud. The patents enable CausePlay to deliver digitally embedded DRM (digital rights management) protected coupons to customers’ mobile handsets and tablets. The delivery of fraud resistant mobile coupons is a first in the grocery and consumer packaged goods industries.

CausePlay manages supermarket’s mobile platforms and partners with consumer packaged goods companies to deliver mobile solutions that meet the modern consumer’s needs. Supermarkets are looking for more account specific programs that leverage technology and protection against consumer fraud. CausePlay uses their Coupon Accelerator program, which ties the coupon to the users handset. Much like the DRM content model the entertainment and music industries use to protect their content, CausePlay pairs each coupon to the specific mobile user, which protects against coupon fraud.

“By tying the phones ID to our partner’s coupons, we are able to not only protect our CPG and grocery partners from fraud, but we are also helping the consumer engage in the next generation of coupon “clipping” and “socializing”, says Scott Loyola, CMO of CausePlay. “Coupons continue to be a consumer favorite and we are pleased to offer an effective tool to support this medium in a digital age.”

The Coupon Information Council stated that “…the annual cost of coupon fraud is nearly half a billion dollars annually”. CausePlay saw this as an opportunity to support and protect their CPG and grocery partners by creating a solution to stop the coupon fraud.

"Vendto and its affiliates are thrilled to be working with CausePlay on a variety of secure digital products including fraud resistant digital coupons. Our IP is in extensive use around the world, and we think this use of the technologies with CausePlay applications will be a big winner for every one involved." Chip Venters, CEO Vendto.

Programs enjoying the digital security will roll out in Q4 in select regions, with national deployment expected in 2014. 

About CausePlay

CausePlay creates platforms for exclusive distribution of advertising and content through large, targeted publishing partners. CausePlay’s mobile-centric approach partners with brands, non-profit organizations and entertainment properties to create promotional content modules to be distributed through large publishing partners such as grocery and convenience chains, banks, etc.

CausePlay licenses owned and operated platforms to publishers in return for ad and promotion distribution and data management exclusivity. CausePlay supports a “self-liquidating” digital CRM solution for customers, while driving a loyalty program solution and new revenue model.

About Vendto

Vendto’s new technologies create an end-to-end product marketing and fulfillment platform that comprises a disruptive new business model for mobile and social media commerce. The fully decentralized and multi-screen platform allows nearly everyone to profitably advertise, track and sell media, ideas, creations, goods and services. The Company has strong competitive advantages based on proprietary technology and protected by a powerful GRANTED patent portfolio dating back to 1998 licensed from DRM Technologies, LLC. (DRMT). The Company’s principals are acknowledged pioneers in these industries, having been founding partners in the award winning company that was among the first to securely sell ebooks, music, documents and video in digital formats.