Clickshare and DigitalContainers Collaborate to Provide Secure Payment Solution for Digital Content within Distributed Environments

Ensures Content Owners Receive Royalty Payments on Copyrighted or Licensed Materials; Simplifies Users’ Purchasing Process and Eases Registration Concerns


Williamstown, Mass. and Tucson, Ariz. (February 9, 2005) – Clickshare Service Corp. and Digital Containers, Inc today announced a secure payment processing solution that facilitates the sale of digital content within distributed environments. The payment processing solution automatically handles the settlement of accounts and movement of payments, ensuring that publishers, artists or other owners of copyrighted or licensed digital content are properly compensated no matter how the user gains access to the content – whether they download it from a web site store, receive it in an email from a friend, or download it from a peer-to-peer network.

The solution announced today will integrate the Clickshare payment processing solution into the Digital Container, a “secure e-commerce object” that provides protection, marketing, tracking and a financial transaction gateway in a single file that is designed to promote and sell all types of digital content. With this system, the creators and owners of digital media – audio, video, documents, software, games, e-books and other intellectual property – can quickly and easily monetize their digital goods by creating, packaging, registering and releasing them into the global market in just a few easy steps.

Live Demonstration
The two companies will demonstrate a prototype of the joint solution at the Digital Hollywood 2005 Media Summit in New York City on February 9th. The demonstration will take place during the evening session, “Making Money via P2P – Ten Companies in Two Hours,” from 6:15 PM - 8:15 PM in the auditorium of the McGraw Hill Building. The session is sponsored by the Distributed Computing Industries Association (DCIA).

Benefits Users and Content Owners
The joint solution provides numerous benefits to both content owners and users. It removes the barriers that users often face when making online purchases. The customer registers once at any Clickshare-affiliated partner site whom the customer trusts and is given a Clickshare-enabled identity. The customer can then use this identity to purchase content with any other Clickshare partner without having to share credit card information, re-register or give out other personal details – the consumers’ preferred registration sites handle all those details behind the scene. Consumers can manage their identity securely and privately, have a single user id and password to remember, and receive only one monthly bill.

Content owners who set up a Clickshare account remove the hassle and worry from collecting registration and financial information, or managing billing, etc. Existing registrars can provide their customers branded access to all of DigitalContainers’ content. Clickshare acts as an intermediary and manages all aspects of a transaction.

Chip Venters, CEO of DigitalContainers, stated, “DigitalContainers securely protects digital content regardless of whether it is downloaded from a web-front store or shared by friends, tracks the content to ensure that content owners are appropriately compensated each and every time a new user views it, and provides a way to recommend and sell additional related digital content or physical goods. Our partnership with Clickshare allows us to provide our customers with a proven Internet transaction infrastructure that simplifies the authentication and management of users and streamlines billing processes.

Clickshare CEO Rick Lerner said, “Clickshare is founded on the belief that if people are given an easy and safe way to purchase digital content, they will readily agree to pay for what they enjoy.” He added, “We provide the ideal payment mechanism for secure payment of online music and video, audio books, games and other forms of new media. We are delighted to be working with DigitalContainers on this endeavor to make online purchase of copyrighted or licensed digital content a painless and economical experience for all parties involved. We see our joint offering as the next step in increasing the legal downloading of digital content.”

About Clickshare Service Corporation
Clickshare has been providing an Internet transaction infrastructure for shared authentication and single sign-on, enabling privacy-protected purchasing of text, music, video, software, and other products and services for nearly 10 years. The service includes registration, multi-site authentication, site access control, transaction, billing and settlement. With Clickshare, consumers have one account at a most-trusted website and that enables them to buy from other websites without having to pass around a credit-card number, repeatedly register or give out personal information. Information can be found at, including more details on the company’s new partnership with DigitalContainers and its popular offerings for the newspaper and online content industries.