ContentDeliveryAds Introduces New Content Distribution Software

Patented technology decentralizes content and product sales, and converts advertising networks into e-commerce platforms.

April 5 - Los Angeles, CA - ContentDeliveryAds enhanced their breakthrough system for distributing high value media via a full range of advertising channels today by introducing new advertising display software for direct content and product sales. Their patented product enables instant e-commerce in targeted search advertising social networks, banner ads, online games, emails and tweets.

By enabling discovery and transactions of rich media directly from advertising, SeeShare decentralizes product sales, effectively eliminating the need for content aggregators and making it easier for content owners to turn a profit online.  The patented system delivers rich media advertising, video, audio, documents, e-books, research reports or even catalogs of physical goods for half the cost.

ContentDeliveryAds created this revolutionary platform under the umbrella of an international patent portfolio licensed from DRM Technologies, LLC. Included in the rights are access to DRM’s “DigitalContainer” and “Tracking” intellectual property that was created and patented over the last decade.

Benefits and Features of advertising and e-commerce technology.

A sophisticated web app for all types of advertising on the Internet. Its rich media capabilities allow for the most dynamic application of creative ideas and media to engage and sell a product.

  • Automatically conforms to most form factors allowing for one design to serve most operating systems and devices.

  • Carries rich media on-board but can provide secure conditional access to other media including video, audio, e-books, games, and software.

  • Even though it is an html 5 product, it can utilize most video codecs.

  • Has a catalog template and on board shopping cart for sale of both digital and physical goods.

  • Image gallery, video channel selector and easy navigation system allows for immediate access to other media and resources.

  • Enables sharing between customers, yet persistently tracks copies, conditional access, use and transactions.

Chip Venters, CEO of CDA added, “What sellers of any content or product are going to love is they can target customers with a customized experience and sell them something without having to have expensive e-commerce infrastructure or several different demographically focused websites. You can easily conform the message to a variety of target demos.”

Blakely says that “Our patented tracking technologies provides unprecedented data for analytics, making behavioral targeting much more precise and lets our customers
tweak campaigns real-time if need be”.

About ContentDeliveryAds

ContentDeliveryAds is a new venture that has obtained rights to intellectual property and software from DRM Technologies, LLC. CDA's digital distribution platform leverages the power of online advertising and ‘Superdistribution’ to help content owners significantly lower distribution costs, extend distribution infinitely across the Web, and provide new valuable Web metrics and monetization channels. CDA also owns the rights to the patented ‘DigitalContainers’ technology offering a complete content distribution system for content owners to protect and distribute valuable content of movies, music, games, e-books and more.

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