ContentDeliveryAds Rebrands as “Vendto”

Vendto “Internet Vending Machines” bring e-commerce revenue to business and consumers alike with patented self-service access to affiliate and recommendation marketing and sales.

San Francisco, California (December 10, 2012):  ContentDeliveryAds, Inc., now doing business as Vendto, Inc., has created an easy-to-use, self-service, e-commerce platform for digital media, online sales of goods or services and recommendation based affiliate marketing in multiple form factors, including mobile and apps.

Vendto is an easy-to-use, self-service e-commerce platform for digital media and online sales of goods or services that enables push and recommendation based marketing and sales. Customers can package, offer, sell and track their media and products and also market a full range of products from the worlds largest affiliate programs by simply dragging and dropping them into an “Internet Vending Machine™”  These vending machines can be created in minutes.  

To use an internet vending machine customers simply select from one to nine products from a voluminous digital catalog.  The products may be their own or products related to a personal interest. Products are dragged and dropped into the application and shared or advertised in the appropriate places. There are no up-front fees collected.  Customers make commissions on the products they sell.

Internet Vending Machines can be shared via Facebook, Google, Twitter, SMS, Email, RSS, embeds on websites and blogs enabling “one-click” buying in all form factors. The Vendto proprietary technology is protected by a powerful portfolio of issued patents. 

The Companies’ principals were founding partners in an award winning company that was among the first to securely sell e-books, music, documents and video in digital formats.  This team has over 23 international patents for secure digital e-commerce and has licensed some of its IP to the largest companies in the world.

Chip Venters, one of the founders of the company said, "We started as ContentDeliveryAds after we licensed key advertising, conditional access, tracking, and security patents.  Now, we are Vendto which is a perfect blend of all of our technologies into an easy to use e-commerce platform.  

Gary Blakely, Chief Digital Revenue Strategies Officer said, "Vendto gives our customers an easy way for to get into e-commerce selling their own products and complementing them with an extensive inventory from our affiliate partners. We even offer SEO and SEM services for customers."

Barry Phillips, and founding team member put in in more concrete terms: “Whatever your personal interests and professional expertise might be, you probably have a network of people who follow you.  If you are a fisherman, your Facebook friends probably have seen the results of your passion (usually a picture of a very large fish).   Many of your friends might want to fish like you...but they need to know the equipment, the books, the locations so they can be successful.”

The platform uses the same rights management and security infrastructure used by the world’s largest digital goods seller and is the process that supported over a billion successful transactions in the last five years.  Producing new Internet Vending Machines is easy using the self-service Vendto--Internet Vending Machine builder, allowing customers to build and promote their own e-commerce channels.

Vendto’s licensed patent portfolio protects these technologies so that the Company can operate with both a defensive and offensive IP strategy and be totally unique as a result.


For More Information Contact:
Duane Aumen, Director of Business Development