DigitalContainers and ePage International Join Forces


Companies to initially target comics book market to create new revenue streams from out-of-print materials.

Tucson, Arizona and Singapore (February 22, 2005) – DigitalContainers Inc. and ePage International announced today that the two companies have teamed to provide an innovative and secure electronic publishing solution called SWIFT Reader that will enable publishers to easily turn out-of-print or archived material into profits. The publishing solution not only closely duplicates the experience of reading print material online but also securely protects digital content regardless of whether it is downloaded from a web-front store or shared by friends, ensures that content owners are appropriately compensated for content each and every time a new reader views it, and provides a way to recommend and sell additional related digital content or physical goods and online advertising.

One of the first markets the companies will be targeting is the comic book industry. Although comics publishing has experienced a recent resurgence in interest and growth, publishers are looking to try new formats to attract young teenagers, a demographic which traditionally faces a rough time in comics shops, and to overcome the biggest challenge – severe shelf space issues in bookstores and mass retailers. The benefits of applying SWIFT Reader to comics publishing include the ability to:

  • Create a new and potentially very lucrative revenue stream out of archived materials or what are essentially 'dead assets’
  •    Leverage archived materials while building acceptance for the media format among young “wired” audiences
  • Cross sell comics, anime and other merchandise (T-shirts, trading cards, computer games, action figures, books, calendars, etc.) in the same Digital Container, without the expense of retail channels
  • Support online advertising revenue

ePage International provides a unique, miniaturized electronic publishing solution with the world’s most advanced and fully scalable page-turning algorithm with its own universal font engine. According to Andrew Thacker, Managing Director of ePage, “ePage enables books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, catalogues, and more to be delivered onscreen in the style of print, quickly and easily. Our rich formatting syntax, embedded search and bookmarks allows us to give readers a quality, print-like layout that makes the online reading experience totally enjoyable. DigitalContainers complements ePage’s publishing technology by locking down the content so it can’t be fraudulently distributed and by providing secure e-commerce and shopping cart capabilities.”

DigitalContainers provides secure e-commerce for distributed networks, such as peer-to-peer networks. With this system, the creators of digital media – audio, video, documents, software, games and other intellectual property – can quickly and easily monetize their digital goods by creating, packaging, registering and releasing them into the global market in just a few easy steps. Intellectual property is enclosed in “secure e-commerce objects” that provide protection, marketing, tracking and financial transactions in a single file and do not depend on proprietary software being pre-installed on playback devices. Digital Containers are flexible enough to support any business model: subscription, one-time purchase, rental services, and even advertising.

“ Working with ePage to jointly create a unique and secure product for electronic publishing has been a great experience,” said Chip Venters, CEO of DigitalContainers. “SWIFT Reader combines ePage’s leading-edge publishing solution while taking advantage of our patented technology to enable publishers to use SuperDistribution to easily and affordable reach online communities of comics lovers and collectors.”

About ePage International

ePage provides a distributable electronic publishing technology containing the world's most advanced page-turn algorithm and a built-in font engine capable of rendering any language text to superb clarity and quality. This highly compressed technology enables books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, catalogues, directories, newsletters and more to be delivered on screen in the style of print and allows publishers and marketers to apply their traditional print business model to the electronic arena with great cost savings and distinct advantages in distribution. ePage International Pte Ltd, registered in Singapore, is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Virtual Publishing Company Ltd, and is responsible for all marketing and publishing activities for the ePage Technology. For more information, go to