DigitalContainers Inc. Releases Original 1930s Frankenstein Radio Broadcasts for Sale on Peer-to-Peer Networks

Securely Packaged Broadcasts, Background Information and Collector’s Memorabilia Form “Digital Collector’s Item.”

Fairfax, Virginia (November 5, 2004) – DigitalContainers Inc. announced today that it has signed a deal with Paperback Digital, Inc., a provider of MP3 audio books, to securely package and distribute the company’s original Frankenstein radio broadcasts from the 1930s for sale in peer-to-peer networks. The original broadcasts, which have been re-mastered, cleaned and transformed into MP3 audio books, will be securely packaged with additional background information about the series and a catalogue offering collector’s memorabilia for sale, forming a complete “digital collector’s item.”
DigitalContainers’ patented “secure e-commerce” software securely protects all types of digital content – audio, video, documents, software, games and other intellectual property – regardless of whether it is downloaded from a web-front store or posted on file sharing networks. It ensures that the rightsholder is appropriately compensated for the content each and every time a new consumer views/listens to it, regardless of who sent it to them, and provides a way to recommend and sell additional digital content or even physical goods. Finally, it does not require proprietary software be pre-installed on playback devices.
According to Mike Segrove, CEO of Paperback Digital, Inc., “We partnered with DigitalContainers for three primary reasons: Packaging our content into secure Digital Containers allows us to access a new distribution channel, the peer-to-peer or referral networks. This also reduces our need to create physical media, saving us manufacturing, warehousing and distribution costs. Secondly, we can add value to our audio books by providing additional background content that we could not offer on a CD. And finally, we gain a new revenue stream by being able to cross sell additional digital content and collector’s items, like posters, Christmas ornaments, old comic books, etc., using DigitalContainers’ e-catalogue and shopping cart features.”
Each digital radio broadcast runs approximately 25 minutes in length and is commercial free. The entire Frankenstein series of 13 episodes is priced at $9.00 and will include the right to download it to an MP3 player. Individual broadcasts will sell for $.99 for the first 90 days and will be $2.95 thereafter. The price to purchase the CD version is $14.95.