Case Study: The Stuff that Vernon Likes

Vernon's "Media Gadgets" Gallery shows products and services he values.

It's the stuff that makes his life easier and more exciting...and the stuff that he dreams about.

Below is a working store embed for Vernon's Media Gadgets, built with the platform. Scroll through products and click through to more stores here. E-commerce

Powerful Product Search Tools

Using’s powerful product search tool, Vernon picks from tens of thousands of products and/or services and drags and drops the best deals into his store. Every time someone buys a product, Vernon makes a commission. 


Numerous Brand Choices and Secure Transactions

He sleeps well at night knowing that the top online retailers in the world are his partners. They provide his customers with the best prices, numerous brand choices, secure transactions and reliable delivery with overnight options. Product Search Left Product Search

Promote and Sell Your Stuff to Friends and Networks

Vernon uses Mobile Vending Machines to promote and sell his favorite goods and services to his friends and network via mobile phones so they can buy any product with one click or link back to his “Store" pages.


Personalize Your Store with Your Own Blog

He writes his own comments about individual products while supplies him with his own blog. He automatically posts his Vendtos to social networks, places embeds on websites and texts Mobile Vending Machines to friends.

Mobile Vending Machine via Text (SMS) Mobile Vending via SMS (text) embed for websites or scrolling store in columnar format for embeds.

Make Your Own Stores With Your Own Style

You can easily make your own stores, like Vernon does, with your own personal style. He likes tennis...maybe you like golf. So you can sell golf clubs. Vernon is a great guitar player, so he sells what he knows are the best “axes” (guitars) for the money and accessories too. If you play the piano, then you can sell pianos. (We have access to hundreds of models). And Vernon really likes nice shoes, but you might want to sell sandals. He loves photography, nice cameras and might like metal detectors, binoculars or telescopes. Build a store and sell them. For nearly any product or service  you can think of that you really like, chances are that at least one of our hundreds of affiliate partners offers it--in various colors and styles.

By adding relevant products from our hundreds of affiliates to your own offerings, you provide better service to your existing customers, gain new ones and make risk free commissions. It's easy to add products to compliment your inventory.


Try it Free.  Have Fun.  Make Some Money

You are the brand. It's your unique personality and view of the world that impacts your taste in everything...clothes, food, shoes, sporting equipment and cars. Try for the store of your dreams, that reflects your style. Share it with your friends and co-workers. You'll have fun doing it and you can make money in the process. If you are a business or brand that already has an online store, you can use to open brand new channels for your existing, social, bloggers and website owners. However, perhaps the most exciting feature is that brings small businesses the opportunity to expand existing product lines to augment current inventory.

Our partners like Amazon, Walmart and Footlocker, stock the goods, securely transact the purchases and ship the items...overnight if requested.  What if your store was virtually not so little anymore?  Vendto makes that possible.