Mobile Vending Machine

Vendto is a new way for anyone with an internet connection to sell and promote their favorite things. With little or no training, a Vendto customer can create a portable web store, or "Mobile Vending Machine" in 3-5 minutes and instantly deliver it to their friends, followers or anyone else who may be interested in what they have to sell. Vendto sellers receive commissions for each product sold from their "Mobile Vending Machines".

Not sure what to sell? Well, Vendto takes care of that for you. On-line retailers are always looking for great sales people -- like you! Vendto is tied to hundreds of retailers and thousands of products. Simply do a search, find what you are looking for and drag and drop it into your machine. Then, you share the products on your favorite social channel or with a text message. It's that simple!  

Mobile Vending Machines can be shared via Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, SMS, Email, embeds on websites and blogs enabling “one-click” buying in all form factors. The Vendto proprietary technology is protected by a powerful portfolio of issued patents

The platform uses the same rights management and security infrastructure used by the world’s largest digital goods seller and is the process that supported over a billion successful transactions in the last five years. Producing new Mobile Vending Machines is easy using the self-service Vendto--Mobile Vending Machine builder, allowing anyone to build and promote their own e-commerce channels.

Additionally, the platform can be used for a variety of other secure content delivery tasks including smart city applications, electronic library services and large scale secure GPS based information dispensing operations. Platform users can take total control of their own merchandising, marketing, advertising and fulfillment. All of the data generated at each stage of the marketing and sales process is available to the user.

Imagine a world of digital content where users are encouraged to make copies and share. Liking, sharing and recommending is the new vernacular for digital word-of-mouth. 

We track our customers content matter how many copies have been made and no matter where on the globe it lands. This capability gives sellers a true picture of what is happening to their Vending Machines and enables users to share content anyway they like.

This way of doing business is called SuperDistribution...and our patented Mobile Vending Machines uniquely make it work. We always know when products are being viewed or sold.  

In the Vendto workflow, customers can target an audience and place Mobile Vending Machines in the appropriate places.  Specific metrics like location, click rates, engagement time and entrance sources are measured over time. After analysis of data, campaigns can be tailored to a more targeted audience.